G12 Botanically Rich Dry Gin; Good things come to those who wait…

‘Good things come to those who wait’…

Yep, it may be an age old adage with connections that draws imagery of a pint of Ireland’s finest upon utterance, but there’s probably some truth behind it.

It may perhaps sound a little romantic, but aren’t the best things in life those that we’ve held out for or aspired after?

Take for instance a marriage. You wouldn’t just rush in to a life long commitment now would you? The best relationships are often those that are left to blossom and grow in to life long partnerships that inspire love in others. And there are many great examples to call upon in the celebrity world;

. Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman.
. Brad Pitt and Jenifer Anniston.
. Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow.
. Russell Brand and Katie Perry.
. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie…wait? Didn’t I already mention him?…

And what about starting a new business venture? Not all ideas will lead to global success, and it’s worth taking a second to evaluate your options before splashing the cash! Just ask the hapless entrepreneurs who gave you ‘Bottled Water For Pets’, ‘the Drive-Thru Strip Club’ and ‘Laxative Potato Chips’ (always a ‘crap’ idea I’m sure you’ll agree!). And if you’ve not heard of any of these ‘million dollar’ endeavours? Yeah…there’s a reason for that.

And it only takes a few moments to stumble upon a whole range of Google’s finest examples of hilarious ‘impulse buy’ stories gone bad, including:

. ‘Got drunk; ordered bagpipes’,
. The man who ‘brought a Surfboard’ (despite living in Saskatchewan, Canada…)
. And a vague, yet telling, title of ‘50lbs of Glitter!’.

In summary, and as a wiseman once said (well, Elvis Presley at least), ‘only fools rush in’!

But before you put your feet up and reach for the Horlicks, don’t misunderstand the sentiment of my ramblings. I’m not saying you should sit back and do nothing! Rather, my point is that if something is worth doing, then it’s worth doing right. And that can sometimes take time.

That’s a sentiment that the team behind my latest gin find have kept close to their hearts – it may have been six years in the making, but it’s finally here. But was it worth the wait you ask?…allow me to introduce you to ‘G12 Botanically Rich Dry Gin’.


Crafted by Yorkshire heroes of the gin scene (and multi award-winning) Masons Yorkshire Gin, G12 sets out to bring all of the inspiration of the Mediterranean to the shores of our stores just in time for Christmas.

This newbie to the Masons range has been lovingly crafted for the last six years, seeking to deliver the perfect balance between a dry and sweet gin. Using more modern distilling techniques, Masons have not only looked to create a fresh gin with a light and citrus feel, using Mediterranean inspiration, but have also been able to ingeniously increase their output and lower their price point. Indeed, having officially launched on 1st October around the UK, costing just £24.99 for 70cl bottle, it’s sure to make an appearance on one or two Christmas lists this year for sure!

Being a long standing ‘fanboy’ of all things Masons, and having reviewed their ‘Yorkshire Tea Edition’ gin in 2016 (the full write of which you can find here: https://theginshelf.uk/2016/07/10/masons-gin-the-yorkshire-spirit/) I couldn’t have been more excited to hear news of a new launch!

But an important point to note is that whilst this is a gin that has been lovingly crafted and distilled by the same Masons team behind the premium range we all know and love, G12 aims to be a new brand in its own right.

Karl Mason, Co-Founder of Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin, commented: “G12 was the 12th recipe trial in our search to create a new flavour. We are continuing to grow our business and expand our gin range, so we felt the time was finally right to release our G12 edition, which is extremely exciting.  For loyal fans of Masons premium range, we hope it will be the perfect gift this Christmas as we believe G12 is something incredibly special.”

With promises of zingy citrus, bold herbs & juniper and a hint of basil (yes – BASIL!) I could barely contain my excitement to crack this bad boy open and see whether those years of tinkering had paid off; were good things really about to come to those who wait?…

The wait is over!…


If you go in search of G12, and you’re struggling to find it, then look out for the luminous green bottle. One thing is for sure; this little gem kicks out an emerald glow to make sure it’s a passenger on nobody’s back bar! The ‘Masons of Yorkshire’ name is proudly embossed on the same glass bottle used by the core range, alongside the iconic Yorkshire Rose.


Whilst G12 is a brand seeking its own identity in the market, the link to the established powerhouse is a hallmark of class, assuring any would-be drinker of the quality that will be found inside. And whilst the ‘G12’ name is a simple reference to the recipe number of the gin itself, the depiction on the front and centre is also a clever play on the word ‘Gin’ in an almost retro 70’s throwback font. An exciting start, that peaked my interest, as I hastily removed the stopper with a satisfying ‘pop’…


On the nose, the gin is bright and fresh, with big notes of zingy lime. The pine of the juniper is upfront & in your face. There’s a greenness to the scent, with suggestions of herbs floating around the rim of the glass – coriander being the most evident. There’s also a gentle warming sweetness to the vapours, giving the whole package a summertime vibe.

Tasted neat, I’m thrilled; JuNiPeR (yesssss!!!!) Big notes of pine greet your pallet and linger. The zingy citrus spice of coriander, combined with what presents itself as lemon and lime peels, adds a sharpness on the taste buds. There’s almost a cooling effect, when you draw breath, that refreshes the pallet. As the citrus tones subside, there’s an earthiness to the gin, with a sweet warmth suggestive of cinnamon and a cracked black peppery spice. The mouth feel is very dry. And whilst it’s perhaps not as smooth as I’d expected, the basil gives a cooling, green lushness.

With a bit of water splashed in to the equation, to reduce the harshness of the booze, the juniper remains a focal point. A herbal bouquet is pulled forwards, with coriander being the most identifiable, supported by bolder flavours of basil. Citrus is a delicious and key player in this gin, with the lemon growing in strength. There’s almost a hint of delicate ginger added to the spice mix.


I served the G12 Gin as a classic G&T, garnished with a slice of fresh orange and a basil leaf to emphasise those citrus and herbal botanicals. It all came together to create a refreshing throwback to summer, living up to its Mediterranean inspiration. It’s the perfect balance of savoury/sweet, juniper/citrus & herbal/spice. Very, very drinkable! And with the variety of botanicals on offer here, there are a huge number of opportunities to explore a whole range of other serves and garnishes, as you reminisce on the warmer days gone by!


So there you have it – it turns out that good things really do come to those who wait after all! For value for money, you really can not go wrong with G12, which is sure to make waves in the gin world in the near future. The only question to ask yourself now is this – if you know it’s so good…then what are you waiting for?!
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With huge thanks to my friends at both Masons Yorkshire Gin & G12 for my complementary bottle of G12 Botanically Rich Dry Gin.

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