Lunun Gin

My wife and I have an agreement. We can each have a list of 5 people of the opposite sex. And if we meet them, and the opportunity for romance presents itself...then it’s fair game!... Now I should specify. There are some rules to be adhered to here. This isn’t just any old list, where... Continue Reading →

Hearts Distillery; London Dry Gin

What is ‘the meaning of life’?...A rather deep and soul searching question to start a gin blog with you might think. But stick with me here... Sure, it’s a fairly broad and wide spanning question. And one that people around the world have tried to find a conclusive answer to since the dawn of time.... Continue Reading →

Bloody Bens Signature Gin

She would suddenly appear in front of me, once a week on a Saturday evening, in a plume of colourful smoke. And she was absolutely ‘bloody’ terrifying! One minute I’m chilling in front of the TV, watching ‘Blind Date’ with our’ Cillar or the homoerotic muscle-fest ‘Man O Man’ (a retro throwback that demands a... Continue Reading →

Citadelle Gin; Vive le France

‘What’s the time difference over there’ I was asked. ‘About 10-15 years behind the UK!’ I had wittily quipped. A jovial jibe maybe. But that’s actually not too far from the truth when regarding gin... I was paying another vacation visit to my parents home base in Evian, France. (Note to reader: If you are... Continue Reading →

Manly Spirits; Manning up…

Oh god...My heart sank as the question came...‘sorry mate, have you got a hammer?’. Here we go... We had called maintenance to come and take a look at some minor reparation works needed to our city centre apartment. A call heeded by a rugged chap we’d come to lovingly know as ‘Old Phil’, on account... Continue Reading →

Junipalooza 2019

Festivals. A quintessential part of the British Summer. And as I sit gazing out of the window to pen this little ditty, I’m greeted by a sign that leaves me in absolutely no doubt that we’ve reached that glorious time of the year... Yep, you’ve guessed it. It’s bloody raining. Again. Relentlessly! And it’s at... Continue Reading →

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