Four Pillars Gin

Whether it be on the Cricket Pitch or the Rugby Field (I'll keep it to vague terms here, as I don't profess to know a single bit of useful insight in to either of these sports, and hopefully my terminology thus far is correct!), you don't need to look very far to find a healthy... Continue Reading →

Getting the Monkey off my back…

'Monkey 47'. Right off the bat, that's a cool name for a Gin. It's quirky, a little unusual and with an air of mystery about it... And then there's the bottle. Standing out from its counterparts you might find on display in the fancier beverage establishments, 'Monkey 47' comes corked in a tidy little brown... Continue Reading →

Brooklyn Gin

It was like Christmas morning. I say that because it was indeed precisely Christmas morning (25th December, 2015, to be exact) when I unwrapped my special delivery of 'Brooklyn Gin'. My wife knows me well! Cocooned in a hardy kind of bubble wrap that's reserved for only the most delicate of arrivals, I carefully removed... Continue Reading →

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