Junipalooza 2019

Festivals. A quintessential part of the British Summer. And as I sit gazing out of the window to pen this little ditty, I’m greeted by a sign that leaves me in absolutely no doubt that we’ve reached that glorious time of the year... Yep, you’ve guessed it. It’s bloody raining. Again. Relentlessly! And it’s at... Continue Reading →

Fentimans Gin Bakery; Pearl & Groove

Preheat the oven Whenever I tell friends that I enjoy ‘cooking with gin’ they instantly ask me what culinary delights I have been whipping up with a gin centre piece. A batch of gin soaked cupcakes? A gastronomic fete featuring a juniper infused sauce? Perhaps a cleverly marinated botanical masterpiece? No, no, no - I... Continue Reading →

Brockmans; Press for Gin

Don’t think about pink Elephants... Don’t look behind that door over there... Don’t press that button... Chances are that when you hear these lines, you’ll ultimately end up thinking of pink elephants, trespassing and punching that button so hard that it falls through the floor right?! There’s something in our nature that dares us to... Continue Reading →

Warner Edwards Honeybee Gin

At the risk of alienating any bears within my readership (of which I can only imagine there are several), I'll admit that I've never really been a fan of honey... When I was growing up, my Grandad would merrily devour a teaspoon of the stuff direct from the jar, and swore by its natural properties... Continue Reading →

Junipalooza 2017

I once watched a drunk man, wearing nothing but his boxer shorts and a smile, step barefoot from a porta-cabin toilet in to (...let's give him the benefit of the doubt here) 'definitely just mud' that went up to the middle of his shins. Assessing his surroundings, and taking a couple of seconds to enjoy... Continue Reading →

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