Hearts Distillery; London Dry Gin

What is ‘the meaning of life’?...A rather deep and soul searching question to start a gin blog with you might think. But stick with me here... Sure, it’s a fairly broad and wide spanning question. And one that people around the world have tried to find a conclusive answer to since the dawn of time.... Continue Reading →

Banshee Etcher Gin

As I shot bolt upright in bed, I will admit that I was completely and utterly petrified! We were on night one of our holiday to Lanzarote, staying in a hotel that was pushing the boundaries of what could technically be considered ‘hygienic’; let’s just say that what our room lacked in health & safety... Continue Reading →

Paddington’s Festive Punch

It's Christmas Day! And that can only mean one thing! (Presents?). Ok, it can only mean two things...(Christmas dinner?). Ok, it's Christmas Day and it can only mean three things...(friends & family and goodwill to mankind?). Ok this is hopeless!...It's Christmas Day, and amongst the many things that, that means, it ALSO means cHrIsTmAs CoCkTaIlS!... Continue Reading →

Having a ‘Mare’ – Gin Mare

It's Wednesday, around 12.37pm. And I'm having a 'mare'... 'But how did you get to this point?' I hear you gasp. Thanks for asking. I should probably start over... It's 28th December 2016 and I'm back in Evian, France, with the sense of having returned to the scene of a crime. A crime against gin!... Continue Reading →

GIN-gle Bells…

If suggestions from the popular festive tune are to be believed, then on the first day of Christmas someone’s true love actually gave them ‘a partridge in a pear tree’… Now don’t get me wrong - I don’t want to come across as ungrateful. But this just isn’t the gift for me. I know nothing... Continue Reading →

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