Sipsmith Chilli & Lime Gin

I knew that I had made a terrible mistake when I realised that my eyeballs had started to sweat... Of course, years later, my wife would try to have me believe that the beads of precipitation streaming down my cheeks at an alarming rate were actually tears. I’ll leave you to be the judge of... Continue Reading →

6 O’clock Gin; ‘Romy’s Edition’

I remember there being a time that I was only really aware of there being one ‘6 O’clock’ in the day... And let me assure you that it was very much the ‘6 O’clock’ that arrives later in the day, strategically placed within the window of ‘Happy Hour’!  A ‘Happy Hour’ that was ironically partly... Continue Reading →

The Yorkshire Explorer; Springtime Bloom

Quite how we weren’t both covered in each other’s vomit I have no idea! Wait. That’s a weird way to start...Let me go back a bit. I guess I’ve always had something of an adventurous spirit, with a penchant for exploring the more usual and a persuasion for activities of the adrenaline inducing kind. And... Continue Reading →

Zeiver gin; Meet the Makers

Life is very seldom black and white. And perhaps that’s never been more true than at the current time of writing, with Coronavirus in full swing. You could say that living in the grey is proving to be more than a little...unique. But if there’s one thing that unique times call for, it’s an equally... Continue Reading →

Zeiver; A Gin Unique

And just like that, completely unexpectedly, she announced it was over. I was devastated. At ‘19’ I knew that I liked her. At ‘21’, I was in love. And by the time we got to ‘25’ we had decided to set a date! I felt like the luckiest guy in the world. The venue was... Continue Reading →

Lilly Pilly Pink Gin; Pretty in Pink

‘But Pink is a manly colour!’ she protested, the frustration and sheer exasperation starting to show, as the debate raged on. The battle lines had been drawn... It was the very early 1990’s, and I was around 8 years old. And the subject of this heated exchange? A pink coat. More specifically, MY pink coat.... Continue Reading →

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