Warners 0% Spirits; From Zero to Hero

I don’t subscribe to Dry January. I never have. It’s one of those concepts that I just don’t fully understand – much like Morris Dancing, ‘Flat Earthers’ and how Danny Dyer continues to be gainfully employed as an actor…

Now. People will have their reasons for taking part, whether they be personal, charitable or otherwise, and I fully respect that; there’s no judgement here. Don’t get me wrong, more power to you should you feel the need. But in a month that contains a day known as ‘Blue Monday’, where the morning and evening commutes are in eerie darkness and social media timelines are filled with the ‘body beautiful glitterati’ enticing you to join them in a ‘new year, new me’ journey (with a monthly subscription fee hidden in the small print), I deem small mercies as necessary. And that’s before you factor in the screaming children!

But if you absolutely must abstain from alcohol, in January or at any other time, then I implore you to do it properly. Put down the buckets of fizzy pop. Step away from the blackcurrant cordial. And don’t get me started on ‘NoSecco’. No. It’s time to start drinking like a blooming grown up!

Warners Distillery Co-Founder, Tom Warner

Not my words. These are the words of Warners Distillery co-founder Tom Warner, who’s bringing his farm grown ethos and ground to glass ‘graft not craft’ sensibilities to the ‘low/no’ category. The ABV may be zero, but there’s a new hero in town…

Warners: Not all hero’s wear capes

I personally tend to subscribe to the notion of ‘drink less, but drink better’, in that if you enjoy drinking then sustained periods of complete avoidance are unlikely to be enjoyable or sustainable. After all, we live in a time where we’ve never had such a high quality of alcohol at our disposal.

That said, I do enjoy taking breaks – whether that be forced periods of paternal duties or just a rest for the body and mind.

And if you want my humble opinion on THE best brand on the market to hydrate the senses (but with none of the headache), then look no further than Warners 0%.

Now it will come as no surprise to you that I am a fan of Warners Distillery. I have waxed lyrically about one of the nicest teams in the industry on multiple occasions, from their Honeybee Gin, Farmed & Foraged Gin and all the way up to a comprehensive round up of the best ‘farm to glass’ Gin Distillery Tours that money can buy. So why then, if the booze is so good, would Husband and Wife team Tom & Tina Warner go to the effort of exploring alcohol free spirits?! Well, they explain it best themselves;

“When you’re after a non-alcoholic tipple, we reckon you can do better than half a pint of squash. If you’re gonna have a drink, make it a proper drink. Proper natural, proper handmade, proper tasty.Proper natural, proper handmade, proper tasty.”

Warners Distillery Co-Founders, Tom & Tina Warner

During a ‘virtual’ return trip to their Falls Farm home, Tom was at pains to explain the complexity of making a zero % ABV spirit. Over two years in the making, there is a science and an art form to creating an end product that is jam-packed packed full of flavour, without the use of ethanol. The Zero expressions are distilled in exactly the same way as a London Dry Gin and, just like the rest of the portfolio, an impressive 90% of the ingredients are sourced directly from their farm. This is a hallmark of quality that makes Warners a standout in the category, and a USP that guarantees a freshness that can’t be matched by others.

Warners Distillery; Falls Farm – truly ‘ground to glass’

But don’t just take my word for it – these bad boys come with bling via the ‘Low and No Spirits Masters’! The Juniper Double Dry has been awarded the highest accolade, a Masters Medal, whilst the Pink Berry took the Gold.

With this ‘Graft not Craft’ ethos, it’s hardly surprising that Warners Distillery have also very recently been recognised as a B-Corp business, awarded to “organisations that have legally committed to making business decisions that create positive impact for the environment, customers, suppliers, employees, and the community”.

Warners Zero to taste

Warner’s believe that ‘real tastes better’. The Zero expressions are designed to be a genuine alternative to the alcoholic range – perfect for the designated drivers amongst you! But how do they taste, you ponder?…

Double Juniper Dry

With botanicals including lemon verbena, lemon thyme, myrrh, wormwood & yarrow there is a big rush of juniper on the nose, with hints of coriander, orange zest and a dusting of warming cinnamon.

Pink Berry

Comprised of botanicals including szechuan pepper, raspberry, blackcurrant sage, ginger, chilli, rose & lavender, red berries and citrus provide a bright start on the nose.

Floral notes perfume the aroma, with ripe raspberries balanced beautifully against a chamomile background and light chilli warmth.

To Serve

With both spirits, each get better with tonic! This isn’t a ‘neat’ serve kind of number… but with the addition of a premium tonic, the botanicals wake up & shine brighter by design, making them the perfect partners for 0% ‘G&Ts’ and alcohol free cocktails!

Conclusion; 0% never felt so good…

Warner’s are truly living and breathing their ethos of unifying people through their farm grown gin, creating epic moments that bring people together.

And talk about being ‘united in spirit’; now EVERYONE can enjoy the Warner’s brand and experience farm grown spirits! Bringing all of the experience of their expert horticulturists & distillers this is 0% ABV, 0% added sugar and 0% compromise.

Tom Warner at the Honeybee Gin Launch, 2017

It’s a triumph; 0% gin, still 100% awesome!

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