Warner’s Distillery Tour; Falls Farm

I always find it amusing when I hear people use the phrase ‘did you grow up in a barn?!’. The general rule of thumb when this throwaway, semi passive aggressive, remark is dropped is that the perpetrator will have left a door slightly ajar or perhaps strewn an article of clothing askew on an armchair.... Continue Reading →

Rascal Gin

As a kid, I’d always fancied myself as being a bit like Bruce Willis. Not in a creepy ‘Sixth Sense’ or ‘Look Who’s Talking’ kind of way... specifically in a ‘Die Hard’ kind of way! (from any of the original trilogy, but excluding the 4th film. That was rubbish!...sorry Bruce). Yep. If anyone was to... Continue Reading →

Lunun Gin

My wife and I have an agreement. We can each have a list of 5 people of the opposite sex. And if we meet them, and the opportunity for romance presents itself...then it’s fair game!... Now I should specify. There are some rules to be adhered to here. This isn’t just any old list, where... Continue Reading →

Hearts Distillery; London Dry Gin

What is ‘the meaning of life’?...A rather deep and soul searching question to start a gin blog with you might think. But stick with me here... Sure, it’s a fairly broad and wide spanning question. And one that people around the world have tried to find a conclusive answer to since the dawn of time.... Continue Reading →

Bloody Bens Signature Gin

She would suddenly appear in front of me, once a week on a Saturday evening, in a plume of colourful smoke. And she was absolutely ‘bloody’ terrifying! One minute I’m chilling in front of the TV, watching ‘Blind Date’ with our’ Cillar or the homoerotic muscle-fest ‘Man O Man’ (a retro throwback that demands a... Continue Reading →

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