Brockmans; Press for Gin

Don’t think about pink Elephants... Don’t look behind that door over there... Don’t press that button... Chances are that when you hear these lines, you’ll ultimately end up thinking of pink elephants, trespassing and punching that button so hard that it falls through the floor right?! There’s something in our nature that dares us to... Continue Reading →

Malfy Gin

There’s a shootout! One man fires but misses. His adversary takes aim and fires a killer blow. There’s a knowing look. Inaudible words are exchanged. A grown man in tears. It’s over...a nation mourns. Ah. Italia 1990. Every four years when the World Cup comes back around, we Brits find a way to revel in... Continue Reading →

6 o’Clock Gin; Jekka’s Edition

Happy New Year! really!...wait. I know it’s June. Let me start over... World Gin Day 2018 was held on Saturday 9th June (so, last weekend). Gin geeks, gin lovers, and even gin ‘it’s alright I supposers’ will have been raising their glasses in celebration of all things juniper, to see the occasion in, in style!... Continue Reading →

Sir Robin of Locksley Gin

The people’s champion. A man amongst men. A handsome & loveable rogue. Charitable and kind, and yet a macho master of the art of archery. And boy, can this guy rock a pair of tights... Now, you could be forgiven for making the fair assumption that I’d started this blog with a bit of ‘self... Continue Reading →

Conker Gin; That’s the spirit…

He’d arrived at the location and he was armed & dangerous.... It doesn’t seem to matter how much parents push the message that violence doesn’t pay, eventually some kids will fall in to bad company and good business. Which was exactly where I had found myself. Now, I will admit to being a little intimidated... Continue Reading →

Pothecary Gin; Thai Blend

Sceptics will always be quick to jump to their little sayings, like; . Lightning never strikes twice. . ‘Getting the band back together’ will never capture the energy of the first time around. . The sequel is never as good as the original. And on the face of it, they may have a point. I... Continue Reading →

Copenhagen Distillery

It’s only 3pm, on the 5th January, in Copenhagen, but I’m already an hour late... My wife and I find ourselves stood in an industrial estate car park, in the freezing cold, and although I’ve followed the directions to the letter...I fear we may be lost. Try as I might, I can’t find the entrance... Continue Reading →

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