Pothecary Gin; Trinity Blend

So there I was. On my own, in a metal cage, hanging upside down. And as the wheel started to turn, a shudder went down my spine as I contemplated my own mortality…was this really the end?… Sure, I’d climbed in to the cage voluntarily. Heck, I’d even paid to do so! It had seemed… Continue Reading →

Pothecary Gin; Thai Blend

Sceptics will always be quick to jump to their little sayings, like; . Lightning never strikes twice. . ‘Getting the band back together’ will never capture the energy of the first time around. . The sequel is never as good as the original. And on the face of it, they may have a point. I… Continue Reading →

Pothecary Gin

I can’t watch ’24 hours in A&E’. When ‘One Born Every Minute’ appears on my TV set, I’m watching from behind a cushion. I can’t even watch ‘Embarrassing Bodies’ without cringing in horror! When I see white coats, scalpels and ’10cc’s’ of something medical flash up on my screen I may as well be watching… Continue Reading →

Junipalooza 2019

Festivals. A quintessential part of the British Summer. And as I sit gazing out of the window to pen this little ditty, I’m greeted by a sign that leaves me in absolutely no doubt that we’ve reached that glorious time of the year… Yep, you’ve guessed it. It’s bloody raining. Again. Relentlessly! And it’s at… Continue Reading →

Banshee Etcher Gin

As I shot bolt upright in bed, I will admit that I was completely and utterly petrified! We were on night one of our holiday to Lanzarote, staying in a hotel that was pushing the boundaries of what could technically be considered ‘hygienic’; let’s just say that what our room lacked in health & safety… Continue Reading →

Junipalooza 2017

I once watched a drunk man, wearing nothing but his boxer shorts and a smile, step barefoot from a porta-cabin toilet in to (…let’s give him the benefit of the doubt here) ‘definitely just mud’ that went up to the middle of his shins. Assessing his surroundings, and taking a couple of seconds to enjoy… Continue Reading →

Simpsons Gin Bar

We all know THAT theme tune… An angelic choir sings. A full orchestra plays. A school bell rings. As a self indulgent sax solo fades, replaced by the sound of screeching tyres and a car horn, one of the most famous addresses in the cartoon world appears on our screens; ‘742 Evergreen Terrace’. And the… Continue Reading →

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